IJburglaan 440, Amsterdam
Repairs & Vintage

Come by for a repair of your City & Cargo bike or to buy one of our vintage builds! David Beukers can bring most bikes back to life and expertly puts together unique new bikes from recycled parts.

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IJburglaan 444, Amsterdam
Maintenance & Store

Need maintenance of your race bike, advice on a travel bike setup, a new custom wheel build or some new bike accessories? Drop by our maintenance space and store. A bike fanatic himself, Stefan Vis will answer all questions and take care of your beloved fixed, travel or race bike. We also sell Bombtrack bikes!

At #444 Magnus Jørgensen we also host our MadPeople Clubhouse serving apple pie, GPS charging & coffee!

🏔️  Race Bike Maintenance
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💣  Bombtrack


Dear Madkind!


Dear Madkind! We have launched our website! The correct address is Madmen.Amsterdam. That is right, Madmen.Amsterdam. no.com, .org, .nl but .Amsterdam, because we are from Amsterdam and…

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