Madmen Bicycles Amsterdam

Bike Rentals

We carry a few bikes for rental. Mostly used by friends of our neighbors staying in Amsterdam for holidays or for people in need of a bike while their bike is in for repair. The bikes are fun and simple. No racks, but a nice old school look with fun colors.

Starting at 15 Euro per bike for 1 day, 25 Euro for 2 days etc. With a deposit of 50 euro per bike and an optional theft insurance of 9 euro per bike. Basically the longer you rent the bike, the more money you save 🙂 We are pretty easygoing, so if you rent a bike for 1 day on for example a Monday morning, you just have to bring the bike back on Tuesday before we close at 18 o’clock, meaning that you can rent a bike for up to 34 hours for the price of 1 day.

During the summer holidays, we rent out quite a lot of bikes to tourist so if you wanna make sure we have a bike available for you, give us a call and you can make a reservation.