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11th. August – Summer Royale Alleycat – Ramp edition

By: Magnus L. Jørgensen

Last sunday Summer Royale arranged an Alleycat starting in Westerpark. Racing through the city the riders had to complete different tasks located at different spots, spread out over the whole city. This sundays Alleycat was “Ramp Edition” and as the photos shows, the riders were sent to multiple parking garages where you have to drive up and down the RAMPS to the parking building, hence the name. Each had a little task that had to be completed, to make life more miserable for the riders. My personal worst was in Amsterdam Zuid, in the parking garage for Makro somewhere near Duivendrecht, where you had to retrieve a little lock that was hidden somewhere on the 2 story parking building, with a little key that was handed to you at the start of the race. I spent AT LEAST 15 fucking minutes looking for this stupid lock haha 🙂 One of the cooler checkpoints was at the top of the RAI parking lot, where you could cruise all the way down the ramp going in circles 9 floors down, round and round and round and round and round. I think you were also supposed to go up the way you came down, but lucky me was very confused of where i should go and somehow stumbled upon an elevator that took me to the top floor, whereafter i could enjoy the ride down again hehe.

After biking the city thin, we were made to think that the finish would be at MadMen, but upon arriving at MadMen i get a new piece of paper handed with 5 new locations that i have to bike to HAHA(notfunnyguys). Luckily all where close to the neighbourhood of Ijburg, but considering i just biked from Amsterdam west to Zuid, then to Centraal Station and then to Ijburg (yes i also took a stupid route, dont judge) and i thought that now i would finally be able to drink beer, this was not exactly what I had hoped for.
Anyway after fighting myself through the wind and the last 5 locations i end up on Hein de Haanbrug, located close to MadMen, where everyone else was already lined up and only waiting for me to finish… BUUUT there was placed an actual “jump” ramp, so you could jump out and into the water FUCK YEAAAAA! I literally always wanted to do that, that was so cool yo!
After a couple jumps and a backsplasher, we all retrieved to MadMen for more beer and chill and later on the evening we all went to Circus Bende on the NDSM.

Bart aka Stickybarry or just Barry or for a few people including me, he goes under the name FRANKE! won the race, making it his 4th Alleycat victory. He won a Bombtrack Bicycle wheelset sponsored by MadMen, and built by our fantastic Stefan Vis.
I finished last and for that i won a fucking amazing t-shirt sponsored by Provelo Amsterdam, check the photos.

So all in all i had a lot fun, it was my first Alleycat but definitely not my last. Big thanks to Summer Royale Alleycat for arranging the race, thanks to Provelo for sponsoring the T-shirt, big thanks to Domantas Mizeikis for shooting some great photos before, during and after the race, and i am not gonna thank ourselves because that would just be weird, but we were also there 😉 Now just sit back and enjoy the photos of these handsome young men 🙂

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