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Alleycat Zwolle – 8th. February

Yesterday we went to Zwolle for an Alleycat. For us this was the first Alleycat of the year. The race start and after-party was held at Algemene Studentenvereniging ZHTC, where they at this time of the year also are celebrating their Bierweek. Bierweek has been a tradition for ZHTC since 1975 and it is a specialbeer-festival. This year we where lucky to be a part of it, and enjoy the wide variety of special beers after the race. For me (Magnus) this was my very first time in Zwolle. It was really nice to see such a big turn up, around 23 people where participating in the race, and even more came to drink beer with us. The race was well organized with some creative checkpoints. During the race we had a few different challenges and riddles, as well as we collected bullets and a little squared piece of carton. At the last checkpoint, in an industrial area, we where told to make a drawing on our piece of cardboard and then we where handed an airgun/rifle, and with the bullets we collected earlier we could shoot our drawing ๐Ÿ™‚ Then we returned to the ZHTC for the price giving ceremony and more beer. Thanks a lot for the ZHTC for hosting the party and for the organizers of the Alleycat for a great race and evening.

The bikes lined up before start of the race.
Getting ready
Last checkpoint we got to shoot with an airgun wohoo ๐Ÿ™‚
Award ceremony.
And then there was beer.
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