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The Wild Bunch TrackloCross – Happy New Year!

First of all happy new year. For everyone who where not celebrating new years eve with us, we hope that you all came safe and happily into the new year! You might already have heard of “The Wild Bunch”. We kicked in the new year by arranging the first ever race arranged by The Wild Bunch. The Wild Bunch is our new cycling club organized by Summer Royale Alleycats and the people here at Madmen, but most importantly it consists of all the lovely bike enthusiastic people that we meet everyday, because without them there would be no riders and no one to organize such events for. We are very happy about the turnout of the race considering this being our first event so far. 20+ riders participated in the race and even more came to cheer us up. After the race we met up for a party here at Madmen. We had a lovely day with loads of biking, good people, good beer (thanks to Koerspret) and good food (thanks to our friend and baker Joy). So a big thanks to everyone who came to celebrate new years eve and take part in the beginning of The Wild Bunch Cycling Club and especially thanks to Wielervereniging Amsterdam for letting us ride on their Cross track. Do you wanna take part in the next Wild Bunch event? Stay tuned on our social medias for the next event, or simply drop by the shop for a chat and see what we are up to. The Wild Bunch is for everyone, and we welcome everyone who is interested in joining us or if you have ideas yourself you are more than welcome to come talk to us about it.

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