Madmen Bicycles Amsterdam

Coffee & Cake

In our MadKind Clubhouse we serve espresso based coffee’s, with both “normal” cow milk as well as Oatmilk and Soymilk. You can enjoy the coffee in our comfortable couch, or take it to-go. Alongside the coffee we bake our own cakes and pies multiple times a week. As a standard we always have our homemade Applepie, and besides that we usually have one or two other cakes that change on a weekly basis. It can be anything from Tiramisu, to Carrotcake to homemade experimental cakes with a lot of fruits or nuts. Lately we have been baking Carrotcake for a few weeks in a row, next to the Applepie, because we got a lot of positive response from our customers.


Do you need cakes for a party, birthday, meeting or any other occasions? We also do cakes out of the house! For ordering of cakes take contact to Magnus (phone: 0640603051). Let us know at least a few days before you need the cakes, so we have time to plan it. Delivery is also possible.

Take a look at these photos to get an idea of the cakes that we bake, but more importantly drop by the shop to get a taste of the real deal.