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From Mountainbike to Racebike

By: Magnus L. Jørgensen

My Koga Miyata mountainbike, in the sad state that it is in now.

This is what used to call my baby… 1 year we had together, before we broke apart. I remember when we first met and i came to pick you up by train, in a small town at the other side of the country. Your previous partner was obviously very well-off with a new build house with a big belonging garden in a smaller upper class town. Very stylish. But it was good for nothing. You had been replaced, so I was told. By an expensive, new, next level racing bike. You no longer served any purpose and were to be found in the garage collecting dust. We took the train back to Amsterdam again, 3-4 hours where all i could do was look at you. All i wanted was to take you out and ride, but since i got an extra wheel set as well, riding a few hundred kilometers carrying an extra wheelset was not really optimal.

Back in Amsterdam and area and for the following year, there was nothing we couldn’t do. Stairs, gaps, citycenter, forest, offroad, you name it. We went everywhere, and we were cooler than ever. But all this jumping around took a harder toll on you than i expected. After a year you could not take it anymore. You literally broke, and I was to blame. I had given it more than you could take and now it was over.

A crack in the frame 🙁

As the photo above shows it got a crack in the frame, due to jumping (i guess?). The fun was over and I left it behind in our repair shop, where our mechanic David is slowly tearing it apart, using it for spare parts :'( My bike of choice has always been mountainbikes. To me a bike needs to be able to take a beating and i don’t want to be limited by having to ride only on proper flat terrain. I always liked jumping around and doing stupid stuff, and i love BMX as well, not so much the freestyle part, simply because I am not good enough, but going a pumptrack is literally one of the coolest things you can do. Anyway, in need of a bike I quickly claimed the mountainbike from my colleague David, a total custom made bike that he build up from a GT frame that he found in the trash. Nice bike, very noice.

Slowly i started to get inspired to bike long distances, by all the people i get to meet working in Madmen, and suddenly i found myself biking 150km to Zeeland on a mountainbike. Yes i know to some that it is a nice gezellige sunday afternoon trip, but to me that was very long, i have never biked so long before, or now i have, but that was the first time. We were biking with a group of guys, most people on their fixies and me on my (Davids) mountainbike. They all told me that i was crazy (read: stupid) biking so long a distance on a mountainbike, and i told them “nah nah, i like it like this, i prefer mountainkbikes over everything”, truth is that I actually never really rode a racebike before, and mountainbike was all i had at the moment.

Eventually David wanted his bike back, so i got my hands on another bike, but this time, for the first time, i got a racing bike! Mind me, it’s single speed, but it sure got some thin tires and drop handlebars and there is sooooo much less resistance when biking. Safe to say I am surprised actually.

TADAAAAAAAA, this is it.

So i can now confess that when I said, I prefered mountainbikes when going long distance, basically I had no idea of what I was talking about, and that i now understand the difference biking on a bike like this. This is also the bike I did the Alleycat race on, and the more I use it, the more I feel comfortable biking on it. It is nice biking on a bike like this, but it is very different. So yes for long distances, it is basically shooting yourself in the foot not going on a racing bike, but for everyday commuting i think i would still prefer a mountainbike, but that’s just me, because I like to jump and do wheelies 🙂

So while writing I felt like i was building up to some epic finish, but now I am here and i don’t really have more to say, so i guess that’s it. Moral of the story: Do not say you don’t like broccoli if you didn’t even try it!

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