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Rad Race – Last Man Wo/Man Standing – Berlin 2020

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This weekend The Wild Bunch went to Berlin to participate in the Rad Race – Last Wo/Man Standing. This is a fast paced, fixed gear only and no brakes race, raced on a Gokart track in Berlin. This was the first international race that we have participated in with the team, and despite not getting to the finals the tour was a great success. We were 12 people going, 6 of us where racing.
Racing team:
– Felino Medina
– Bart Cremers
– Kristian Jagerman
– Mels Van Hooff
– Magnus Jørgensen
– Marius

We left from Amsterdam Friday morning, the day before the race. By taking the train from Amsterdam to Enschede and from there biking 30 km across the border to Bad Bentheim and from there taking the train the rest of the way to Berlin we managed to save ourselves around a 100 euro per person on train tickets 🙂 We arrived at Berlin train station in the evening and had a nice 45 minutes ride through the city to our AirBnb which was located in a not so charming east block 🙂 After arriving we where all pretty bashed after the trip sitting in a train all day, so we did not go out and we went relatively early to bed.

Saturday, the day of the race. We wake up early to go to the Kolektif bikefair( before the race. This place is filled with a lot of cool new bikes and accessories. Early afternoon we leave to sign up for the race. We get a goodiebag filled with stickers, magazines, a cap, a neckwarmer, a make-up mirror, energybars, energypowder drink and other cool things. During the afternoon we have a few hours to practice the track before the actual race. I get increasingly nervous the closer we get to the start of the race.

At 17:00 the first heat is kicked in. There is a really good energy and the crowd is really loud and supportive of the riders. I (Magnus) have my qualification race 18.10 and i am sweating more and more the closer we get. Watching the other riders race is starting to freak me out a little. They are standing so close at the start line, and they are all going really f****** fast! Finally it’s my turn to go to the warm up area, 10 minutes before the race, during the round before my round I get the chance to warm up on spinners. I do my warm up in my dragon onesie, that i have been walking around in for the last few hours at the race. When I am done warming up I am so sweaty in my onesie, partly due to my warmup but mainly due to my nerves haha. I gather at the start line with the 7 other riders in my round. At this point i have dropped my onesie, so i am now in my actual skinsuit wearing only speedos, causing big applaud by the crowd. At every start the countdown is different and you can never be sure when to start racing. Counting down from either 8 or 10 and at some point randomly there will be shouted KICK IT! and off you are. I get a not too bad start, and i am in between all the riders during the first corner, only problem is that i had some problem clicking in my pedals, so after the first corner i get overtaken and i am now in the last place. Rules are every second round the last person will get eliminated, but before the second round i have already managed to catch up with one guy and i overtake him before i get eliminated. Same goes for the second elimination round i managed to overtake the guy and i survived until the third elimination round 🙂 That might not sound like much, but considering i was the only one on a wheelie bike, which is not build for speed, i am pretty satisfied. Next year i will be back with a better bike and then i am gonna kick ass! The only one from our team actually worth mentioning (sorry guys) is Mels. Mels totally smashed it in his qualification round finishing first place! In the next round he also survived, but unfortunately in the third round he was out. He did manage to make it to the live broadcast on Eurosport tho, so at least we had one guy from The Wild Bunch on Eurosport 🙂

Watching the finals for both men and women was insane! These people are really skilled. After the award ceremony it was suddenly already past midnight and there was an after-party with DJ. I did not survive long tho, i was really exhausted from a long day filled with biking, so i went back to the AirBnb shortly after the race finished.

On Sunday we had a nice relaxing day off. We spent the day cruising around Berlin, eating food and drinking beers. Monday morning we took the train back to Amsterdam and did the same little hack biking from Bad Bentheim to Enschede. Check below for some cool photos of our trip. Thanks to Romy Verhoeven to coming along and taking some great pictures of the trip!

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