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RadRunner by Rad Power Bikes – Test it now!

Have you heard about the Rad Power bikes? If not check out the link below, if yes check out the link below. The RadRunner by Rad Power Bikes, is one of the most affordable electric bikes on the market. Here at MadMen we have one for our self, and you can give it a test ride! I am not gonna go into detail about the bike now, because i found this great review from a guy who ended keeping up his test bike for more than 4 months, because he just could not let go of it, and i understand. The RadRunner is an amazing alternative to city commuting or messenger work. Check out the link below for more information on the RadRunner, and drop by MadMen for a test ride or if you have more specific questions about the bike. You can call and make an appointment, if you wanna be sure that the bike is available for you to test ride, or you can just drop by the shop and if its available you are more than welcome to take it out for a spin! If you also fall in love with the Radrunner you can order one online or through us and get it delivered to our shop and we will assemble it and make sure it is in perfect condition before you take it to the streets.

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